Music producer/ DJ

First of all what attracted you to Bristol?

I’d say what attracted me to Bristol was having mates that I know that are older move here for uni, and basically just say is probably one of the liveliest cities in the UK to go, especially if you wanna to do something music related.

What made you want to start producing?

I was doing photography and creative media production at college,so, and literally in my first year. And in the space of a month I was like fuck it, I can’t be ask to do this anymore, I literally can’t remember what made me change my mind but I had like four mates from Brighton that were changing their current college to this music college. And like obviously I was into music and shits, so it wasn’t like completely random, but I was just like fuck it, I want to do this music course.And from that month I started.

Who are the main people who inspire you?

Like initially was like people from Bristol, so people that are calm, yeah comodo shits like that. That’s what got me into like shit I want to actually make shits like that.

How would you describe your sound?

Basically, I literally make quite a lot dubstep that’s what I released on the Zamwise. I literally described it as if it’s not grime. Then, it’s music out 140 BPI. That takes all sorts of. Different sounds from dubstep, Dub, Hip hop, Trap, yeah all fuses into one, Zamwise sound.

What is your most recent release?

This is my most recent release. It’s a two track ten inch vinyl as released from Southampton label called rehab recordings. It’s literally like one out of 25, so 25 will cut through it. So it’s like a short one. And the tune I actually made for it were like I think they are two years old now. One of the one I made with my friend double A double E, and yeah it’s literally just a grime EP. Yeah, really old music so I wasn’t too caste about it, but it’s obviously good to have one up.

How do you motivate yourself to start and finish one of your own productions?

I remember how do I say it, is the tune that you mange to get quite a lot of done in a short amount of time. So if I stared a tune and like I got loads done in like one session to like an hour or something, I’d know that I will wrap that tune up pretty quick. Ones that take longer was it to never get done, or nothing ever happen to them. Yeah, you lose interest or like you start another thing, you just have other ideas that like initial spark just goes in it, so you like move onto the next thing.

Interview conducted by Tom Spooner


Zamwise a music producer and DJ in Bristol who produce Dubstep & Grime, originally from Brighton. Also a member of the respected ESO. Zamwise brings deep, dark 140 dubs. With his Koko Riddim firmly holding its place at no.1 in the juno charts. Zamwise swiftly made his mark on the scene, crossing dub-influenced melodies with grime to create his heavyweight sound.