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Creative Agency Specialising in Marketing and Branding

Would you be able to tell us a little bit about your role?

Nick Farrar: I founded Workbrands in 2005 initially as a freelancer and started off doing branding, then teamed up with a couple of people – Steve the other director, who manages the production side of things – so we grew. I was always up until probably two years ago, the Creative Director and had Tom as our Art Director. Then, a couple of years ago, because we got to a size where I think we needed a level of management above creative director, Tom stood up to Creative Director so I’m now sort of Managing Director of the creative side of Workbrands.

So there’s two sides to Workbrands, there’s Workbrands creative (branding, marketing, communications, campaigns) and then there’s the technology side of things, Flex which is a brand management platform.  Steve manages the tech side of it – the brand management platform – I manage the creative side.

Tom: I’ve been here around the last 7 years also. I started with sort of a middleweight role. Nick-the founder-was the creative director at the time when I started, and we’ve just kind of worked together now and evolved the creative moving forwards. So, we work on a huge spectrum of things from quite small stuff to massive campaigns, rebrands and marketing. So it’s a huge variation of work which is what I enjoy about it, it’s the variation that I see.

Wei Kee: So I’m the account director here, and I’m basically the link between the creative team. We don’t really work isolated, everything is a collaboration. It’s always a team effort and the account team is basically like the communication link between creative and client.

How does everyone work together as a team? Are there any specialisms or do you do a bit of everything?

Nick Farrar: Everyone does do a bit of everything in here but you can tell that people evolve and pick up specialisms in different ways, maybe by mistake, but then you have to nurture and kind of cherish that, because that’s an asset to your creative agency. So somebody is now really really strong on animation, so he still does all the other core stuff. But actually, he’s kind of the go to person for doing animations. Some people have more strengths in core branding, some people have more strengths in creating campaigns, they all have a base level in the basic stuff.

Tom Ovens: We’re good at collaborating. What we do well is we work with other agencies to enable our skillset to reach that much further.  In terms of speciality, we’ll take on everything and anything that is a creative challenge effectively. We like providing solutions, so variation is good for us in a way, it challenges us and it means that the solution we come up with should be that little bit outside of our comfort zone.

Do you have any interests that influence your work?

Nick Farrar: My background is actually cabinet making, so furniture design. So my college degree was, it started off in furniture design, glass blowing and silver smithing. Then I specialised in furniture design, so I still look at things from a 3D perspective.

Wei Kee: I love cooking, for me it’s a creative outlet because I love creating. Even with cooking there are trends and there is a synergy between graphic design and cooking anyway in terms of the way you place things and also I photograph my food so there’s that aspect of it as well.

As an agency you run ‘tight briefs’ (a fun challenge where a brief is set and there are only two hours to complete the task), does this help with other design briefs?

Tom Ovens: We really enjoy it. We wanted to give ourselves this extra dimension of just having a fun project that we can get stuck into for a couple of hours, and the maximum amount of time you’re allowed to spend on it is two hours, but quite often we don’t have the time to do that, so sometimes you know we can literally spend 30 minutes, 40 minutes just trying to generate an idea. It’s just a different dimension to what we tend to do. Normally, we do give ourselves the time to really understand things and break it down. It’s just another way in which we approach it, it’s a little bit of fun for us.

Nick Farrar: We do tight briefs to give everyone the opportunity to be really creative, it’s kind of nice because it brings everyone together on a Friday.

Wei Kee: We’re a tight knit team anyway, but it’s something that is just a little bit of fun. Tight briefs came about as something fun and that’s really its main aim.


Workbrands is a creative agency that specialises in branding and marketing based in Bristol.  Creating anything for your digital campaign, from motion pieces to print publications. We spoke to Nick Farrar who is the Director for the creative side of Workbrands, Tom Ovens the Creative Director and Wei Kee the Account Director.