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Stuart Magog

Web Designer

As soon as you get a new brief what is the first thing you do, straight away? (e.g make a cup of tea, brainstorm, go for a walk etc.)

I like to make a cup of coffee and read through the brief a couple of times carefully. I compile a list of questions and contact the client to go through them. This ensures I have a full understanding of the requirements and the deliverables.

Describe your work and creative process.

My graphic design process is typically:

  1. Research
  2. Brainstorming / sketches
  3. Translation of sketches into Adobe CS
  4. Refinement
  5. Submission
  6. Feedback and revisions

For website design, I don’t do any sketches except for specific graphics (e.g. icons)

Is Bristol a good place to work, being a web designer?

It seems to be – there are lots of design/marketing agencies. There also seems to be lots of small businesses looking for my kind of services.

What is your average client like?

Small local businesses (1-10 employees), established, looking to move their brand/website to a higher level of professionalism.

Who or what inspires and influences your work?

I wouldn’t say there’s anyone in particular. When looking for inspiration I browse the web and tend to look at different resources every time.

Could you tell us of someone in your network, another professional who you work with who has helped you or inspires you?

Having been self-employed for almost 10 years, I can’t really think of anyone. My partner is a web developer and she sometimes helps if I have a problem with some tricky web coding.

Interview conducted by Emma Gray, Tom Astbury, Ollie Slee


Stuart Magog is a freelance web designer and developer based in Bristol.

He produces professional, attractive designs which appeal to his clients. He offers a range of services including website design and build, logo design, business stationery, brochure design and flyers and leaflets.

Stuart has been a professional graphic designer for over 15 years and a full time freelance web designer for the last 8 years. Since 2008, he’s produced logos, print design and website design for many different companies-both local and international.

His websites are designed and coded to be search-engine friendly. They often achieve excellent Google rankings within a few weeks of launch. For more competitive markets he can recommend an SEO specialist to give you a little extra help.