Spesh Maloney

Film Composer/Sound Designer

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Spesh Maloney, I’m a Composer, Musician and Sound Designer. I live in Stratford Upon-Avon. I’m married with two kids and a dog. 

What did you do at university?

I went to the University of Brighton. I studied digital music and moved to London where I got involved in the media industries and went on to do a masters degree at the Royal College for music in composition for screen.

Did you do a masters degree?

I graduated with my undergraduate, I was working on these student films, I thought – what I was going to do  to give me an edge. I thought, let’s do a masters degree!

What are your favourite sounds to compose?

Fire! What they do for fire – crinkle paper. 

What has been your favourite project so far?

I did a BBC film which was very difficult. It was about a girl who was, quite brutally killed. You could only watch it a certain amount of times because it was so harrowing. So, I had a piece of music that kind of came to mind.I put it on top, made sure it synced, watched it through and that was pretty much all I could handle. You don’t want  to take away the potency of it, either.

Do you work in a team?

So, there’s 4 of us, I think, creatives involved in the project, there’s a producer and stuff like that. There’s the two artists that do all the filming and compile the video. They’re probably the equivalent to being directors as well, and we’ve had a writer who’s kind of written the script.

How do you balance work and home life?

Its difficult, I’m not going to lie, it’s difficult, yeah. You’ve got two young boys, and my wife is self employed as well, so she works unsociable hours. It seems no two days are the sam,e in terms of timetabling, other than we have to get the kids to and from school.

Do you have any advice?

I think it’s just grinding away, meeting the right people and being in the right places. The people that you know and who you work well with – stick with them. You’re going to have to do a lot of favours, either unpaid or low paid stuff. What you don’t want  to do is do a lot of free paid stuff when you know they’re getting paid a lot of money. 

What’s next for Spesh Maloney?

I started a band project last year, so I’m enjoying that. I want to push that a bit further, release some more material. Yeah, other than that, what-ever lands on the inbox *laughs*.

Interview conducted by Ariadna Aymerich, Emilia Pavely, Reem Mokhtar and Rianna Ngombe.


Spesh Maloney is a film composer and sound-designer.  He works from home in his studio which is based in Stratford upon-avon. The main areas that he practises are post-production music and audio creation/mixing/editing. In 2000, he started studying BA Hons Digital Media at the University of Brighton, and then went on to complete a Masters degree in Composition for Screen, at the Royal College of Music. His experience has grown by working with different companies such as: Royal Shakespeare as a film composer and for the BBC as a film composer for the award-winning film, Black Roses.