Sapphire Blues


Why Sapphire Blues?

Sam: Good question. Basically… Blues, feeling bad. Sapphire, making something good out of it. That’s all it is. Not much meaning to it really.

Harry: When Frazer was in the band we had another name

Sam: Yeah, he used to want to call us Frogmore Street because we were busking outside a Courteeners gig, shit band, but we were busking outside there trying to get some recognition, and the guy, the tall guy, from Courteeners heard us and he told us we should call ourselves Frogmore Street which is where the O2 is is Bristol. But Frazer’s gone now so we’re still Sapphire Blues.

So how did the band begin?

Sam: I’ve known Chris for a while. Since school.

Harry: We all went to school together. I was the year above him. And he was the year above me.

Chris: They were like, shoulder barging me in the corridors and shit like that.

Harry: I didn’t speak a word to you. I didn’t even know who you were.

Sam: Harry thought Chris was a greebo probably or something like that cause he was in the Art gang, you know what I mean. Everyone was scared of him. Uhhh, what was the question again?

How did the band start?

Sam: Uh, I asked Chris. Harry was just a mate, but then I couldn’t find a bass player so we had to put up with him and he was keen, so…

Harry: It started off with Frazer. We used to go to a pub all the time, and he did open mike nights, and they got talking, and they wanted to start a band but he already knew Chris could play the drums. And we’re best mates and he needed a bass guitarist. I’m still learning. It was a joke for about a year, well it kinda still is, like what instrument do you play? And oh bass and Sam would always say oh well he tries to

Sam: He still does try as well

Sam: Who would you say are your biggest influences

Harry: It’s changed a lot

Sam: Mine’s everything under the sun, Chris doesn’t even listen to music

Harry: I’d definitely say Sleaford Mods

Sam: they’re an influence now, but I listen to a lot of stuff

Harry: we had a whole set list, when Frazer was in the band and when he left in January, We got rid of all the old songs, that’s what we’ve been doing all year. And out first gigs on November 19th, but we got a whole new set now because the influences of our sound has changed a lot

Sam: Got to thin out the sound

Where do you find the inspiration for your lyrics?

Chris: That’s another one for Sam

Sam: Yeah I’m a nut job basically, I don’t know where I find them from

Harry: Its whatever comes to mind. You’re a genius. He is a genius.

Sam: I’m alright

Harry: He’s not gonna say it, but he is a fucking genius. Oh, shit am i allowed to swear.

How long have you been together?

Sam: Like two years, but not actually been gigging for like a year, it’s been boring as fuck. But we’re getting stuff done.

Harry: Because Frazer was on the Keyboard, and backing vocals and acoustic, when he left there was like a massive chunk of the sound gone, so I’d say the base line is now a bigger part

Where do you see yourselves in the future?

Sam: Hopefully still doing it

Harry: We will be still doing it

Sam: And not off the rails

Harry: We might move to London eventually, we don’t know yet

Sam: Nah

Harry: I think we would

Sam: Maybe, see what happens, I’ll keep doing it

Harry: Well he is my best mate so I’ll be still doing it, not so much Chri

Sam: He’s got a girlfriend so…

Sam: How do you guys psych yourself up before a gig?

Harry: Get in a huddle

Sam: Nah

Harry: We’ve done that plenty of times

Sam: We’ve done it once. Most of the times I would just sit there like this

Chris : They drink, I stress.

Sam: Don’t talk to anyone, get in the zone

Harry: We’re only allowed two drinks before, Because I’ve been a bit pissed in the past

Sam: You’ve got to have balls to go up on stage anyway, it’s more of a test to go up sober

Chris: I can’t drink before

Harry: If I don’t have a drink, mate, I shake like fuck. All day ill be like nah I’m not nervous at all, and as soon as I’m there I’m like fucking hell, got to have a drink on stage

What are you guys working on at the moment ?

Chris: We’re working on a single

Sam: We got two tracks, yeah. It’s been a while, after Frazer left we went through a stage of just messing about really

Chris: Creating a sound just like in my room

Sam: It sounds alright, mind

Harry: It was more of the creative process when we were in Chris’s bedroom, I think

Sam: All that stuff sounds pretty shit now.

Harry: Now we look at it yeah, but

Chris: But it was fun, we learnt shit loads doing that

Harry: I think we have progressed loads

Chris: Yeah

Has performing live change the way you view your songs?

Chris: In the old Sapphire it did, at the start it was really enjoyable and then obviously it kind of got a little bit more tedious as you keep on gigging

Harry: Yeh there’s certain songs you don’t play, we took out of the set

Sam: I prefer playing live to recording

Chris: I prefer the recording stuff definitely

Sam: I’m just an attention seeker basically

Harry: Yeah we know that. I prefer playing live I think, I don’t mind recording but it takes me a few takes to get it right, and it frustrates me, gets me fucking so angry

Chris: You ask a lot of questions though, about the studio, which is good

Harry: When were mixing, I just stay out of that stuff though really, just sit and listen

Sam: Don’t have an input, sat on his phone

Do you guys listen to your own stuff?

Harry: All the time

Chris: Those two do

Sam: Too Much

Harry: I think that was our problem with the EP

Sam: I would listen to it 100 times like everyday

Harry: He’s a perfectionist as well, so when he over listens to it it literally fucking drives him insane

Sam: And then I don’t like it anymore, and then I’ll wanna do something new and it’s not even released

Harry: We’ve already dropped a few songs from the set

Sam: Its cause we take so long getting them done and then its 5 months down the line and we’ve been recording for ages and literally have heard it so many times, and it gets so boring

Harry: We have literally changed one song so many times. We changed it like 3 times and I think we’ve got it now …

Sam: Nah, we haven’t

Chris: Nah, not yet

Sam: Yeah, it will take another couple of months

Harry: Considering we got a gig in like 19 days

Finally if you could tell the people listening to this what would you say?

Harry: Listen to the lyrics, they’re my most important part,

Sam: Dont take it too seriously, i’m not actually as depressed as I sound. That’s pretty much it yeah. Chris what would you say ?

Sam: Check out my mixing. Do you like the sound of the drums?

Harry: Chris, he is a wizard he hears shit that we just have no clue about. He’s doing shit on his laptop that I could never

Sam: Harry just doesn’t have a clue about anything

Chris: I think that’s why you ask loads of questions in the studio, I think that’s good

Harry: Cheers, Chris

Interviewed by Samuel Boik, Bec Coleman, Lucy Cubitt


Sapphire Blues, a Bristol based band, made of 3 lads all from Cheltenham. They are currently working on a new EP, trying to get themselves out there playing all around Bristol, places like Mr. Wolfs, Mothers ruin and The fleece. They are 3 best friends, Sam, Harry and Chris who are very passionate about their music and have very meaningful lyrics, that you should definitely give a listen to.