Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name’s Simon Roach, I’m from the band RXPTRS, who are based here in Bristol.

What drew you to the music industry? 

Music’s always been my biggest passion, I always saw it kind of as a child as kind of a hobby, but then through teen years I started seeing it as an actual attempt at a profession, I guess.

Whats your creative process as a songwriter? 

I always find theres a different process for different songs, we’ll either start and build a riff, or we’ll choose a subject matter and work backwards from there – it kinda varies from record to record I would say. 

Favourite part of being in the music industry? 

Favourite part – thats a tough one, I love it all really. I would say the pinnacle is definitely live performances, as much as I love recording and writing – the height of it all is getting out and playing live, especially to group of strangers, playing in different cities, it brings people together.

And least favourite part? 

Least favourite… thats a toughie. I would say is money. The music industry is the strangest place when I compare it to like plumbing for example – it would be a set price, and you would obviously just go and pay a plumber upfront – whereas the music industry doesn’t quite work the same. People try and duck and not pay you at all. Its a strange old place to be in that respect. I dont like the overly competitive side of things as well, I see music as an art form but I find people see it as a competition. Thats where you see people try and cut each other down. 

Best live music venues in Bristol? 

So many good ones in Bristol! Had a lot of good times at Thekla, the sound system in there is amazing – the Louisiana, as well. 

Any advice you’d give to someone following in your footsteps? 

I would say know your worth, a lot of people will say yes to everything, do everything for free – which is absolutely fine if you’re doing it as a hobby, but if you really value yourself and see yourself going somewhere – know your value. And push it. And love what you do.

Interviewed by Caitlin Damsell, Sam Thomas and George Goodwin


Simon Roach is the frontman of Bristol-based band RXPTRS, who formed in 2018 – consisting of members guitarists Ian Chadderton and Harley Watson, bassist Sam Leworthy and drummer Mat Capper. The quintet combines a mix of ferocious grit with an ear for melody.