Robyn Lythe

Fashion Designer

We’ve only had this for a year. Before I was working from my spare room. It was a nightmare. I felt so sorry for my husband. He was always covered in glitter.

What advice would you give to young creatives?

Just get out there and just do as much as you can. working with as many people as you can. getting as much on the job work experience is key. I don’t think I realised how much you don’t actually learn at uni. Uni is great for expressing yourself and following your dreams but actually when you’ve got to put that work into format it’s quite difficult.

Why catsuits?

I started because me and my friends liked to go to festivals. All the lycra wear out there was just for very slim figures. I couldn’t get anything that made me feel any good. And I didn’t want to go to the gym for like a month before going. I just wanted to put something on and feel good.

Eco practices are at the heart of what you do, can you tell us more about your eco line?

All of our prints now are called life lycra. So it’s basically regenerated lycra using fishing nets that have been taken from the bottom of the sea and are made into yarn. It’s a process that uses no water either so it’s really really good for the world. Some are made from recycled plastic bottles and regenerated fish nets. So all of our prints are now eco.

What made you decide to go eco?

I think it was just like the option was there so we took it. I think I’ve always been aware of it and I over the past couple of years especially just really believe like buy cheap buy twice. I think that the more the company grows the more I realise how many people do want to invest in something nice and yes they’re expensive pieces but a lot of love goes into them.

*us rambling on about how inspiring she it*

There have definitely been moments even recently where I’ve just though was am I doing. But the struggle is part of the journey and you’ll look back on it and it’ll be the best bit.

Interview conducted by Safia Belhaj, Alis Butten and Leah Williams


Robyn Lythe is the founder of Burnt Soul which started in 2012 with the aim to create catsuits to flatter a variety of figures. She graduated from the University of the West of England, went on to work as a bespoke evening and wedding dress maker before starting up her own brand. Being eco friendly is at the core of the company with the fabrics they use sourced from recycled plastics and fish nets. Their aim is to allow people to express themselves and have fun with the outfits they wear by creating fun and body confident catsuits.