Printed Goods


Tell us a bit about your story. How did Printed Goods come about?

We have always both liked doing things in our own way and setting up a studio was a way to create work we really wanted to create. It was maybe a bit naive of us initially considering that we hadn’t worked or even had any experience working in a design studio- we had only done a few personal illustration commissions each when we started out. So the first year was a massive learning curb but we learnt from every mistake we made and quickly progressed.

What does a typical workday in your life look like?

At the moment each day looks different, though we always start the day by answering emails. Then it will either be sorting out orders, designing new products, working on personal commissions, contacting suppliers etc. It keeps things interesting always having a new challenge. Though as we build our business the aim is to settle into more of a routine.

What difficulties have you faced with starting up a business?

Printed Goods actually started as a Risograph press, at the time no one was  offering easily accessible risograph printing services in Bristol, and we thought this would be a good way to embed ourselves in the creative community. At the beginning we had no idea of what we were doing and we made constant mistakes, but looking back that was the most helpful thing- we had to learn quickly. It gave us opportunities and a platform through which to develop and showcase our own work. We started selling prints of our designs and they proved popular so we continued to do that- eventually selling the risograph machine and outsourcing printing.

What advice would you give graduates entering the industry?

Be committed and creative in your approach- if the traditional avenue of trying to get an agent or getting employed by a studio isn’t working for you. Build your portfolio and make the most of social media, which I would say is the most important tool now for any creative.

What are you currently working on?

Most of our time is being taken up preparing for a shop we are opening in November. Apart from that I have just finished a commission for a Canadian coffee house and George is working with an American design studio producing an identity for a high end mattress company.

What are your ambitions for the future? What’s next?

To both carry on developing our practises and keep on growing the business.

Furthermore who do you work with in your network – any important working allies i.e. Printers? Designers? Publishers? Makers?

We have a variety of suppliers we work with regularly though we mostly keep them under wraps as it’s taking a while to find reliable and quality services.

Interview conducted by Ella Staines, Jamie Irving and Rosie Bond


Founded and based in Bristol, Printed Goods is run by twin brothers Raphael and George Greaves. They focus on quality – producing original works and creative commissions which capture a visual tone of clean, clear directness.Having independently studied illustration at different universities, the brothers reunited to launch this creative endeavour two years ago. Their vibrant, polychrome palette has formed the basis of a catalogue of prints that blend angular experimentation with classical, pristine presentation.