Phil Lemos

3D Design

We do a lot of animation video, but it’s very corporate.

The very first thing we do is have a coffee or tea, and then over that coffee or tea we have a production meeting. We sort out everything that needs doing. I’ll then go and speak to other members of the team, like managers (we have animation,video, design, and we also have development which is web design, all of that kind of stuff). I’ll go down and speak to them to see if there’s anything they may need from us that day. So, what I try and do is to watch lots of TV and I see videos and animations, adverts and stuff that I find interesting visually, and i’ll try and bring that visual interest into whatever i’m doing. So if you’ve seen an apple iphone ad, they’re always engaging aren’t they? They’re interesting visually, and they’ve always got something unexpected in there. It’s always clever. Getting incentivised by that is easy, so I try and bring that dynamism into anything that I do. So we have animations of like, instruments. You’ve seen all the medical stuff that we do. You could just animate that, but I like to try and get it so that it’s really snappy, so that when the client sees it I can make it cool, as well as informative.

Although you’re just doing design, if you have an opportunity to learn after effects, or animation just do it, because you might fall in love with it. Don’t get tied down into one discipline, even if it’s the one you’re best at, if you’re great at logos? awesome. Do some desktop publishing, do some animation, broaden your horizons you know. Get the whole creative cloud app. You’ve got loads of applications in there. Just learn it all. Learn as much as you can, even music editing, stuff like that, it all helps.

Interview conducted by Jess Warner, Grace Mitchell, Leiah Smith


Phil lemos is a senior 3d designer working at celf creative in Cardiff, wales. Celf creative is a studio that offers many services including 3d design and animation, web design, brand identity, packaging and much more.