Mike Cooper


How would you describe your approach to photography?

It’s always ‘tell a story’, can be short and simple, or long and complex

How do you feel the way you photograph has developed and changed over the years?

Technology has fundamentally changed the tools we have available. we can do so much more and have so much more control. why not use them?

When did you own your first camera and what was it? Do you still have it?

Probably when I was 8 or 9 years old. A polaroid camera, great for capturing that ‘moment’, long gone I’m afraid

What camera or camera’s do you use now?

Hasselblad and canon

Do you have a dream project or client?

In the commercial environment, we’re always constrained by time and budget, so a brief with no limit on either! failing that, something that’s honest and challenging

How would you suggest is the best way for someone who doesn’t have a studio to achieve a good photograph of objects or food?

There’s so much you can do without a studio, many of the well-known photographers throughout history shot mostly out of a studio. Use available/natural light, follow the classic painters who loved ‘northern light’. avoid direct sunlight, use simple backgrounds and shallow focus

Do you have a favourite food to photograph?

No, anything that’s visually appealing, or that lends itself to a visual representation of how it tastes but if I had to choose, probably a fruit as it’s self-contained that has an interesting texture? Such as a kiwi

Is there a certain type of food you’ve photographed the most over the years?

Probably cocktails, they’re also a great subject to tell a story with

If you could describe yourself as a colour what would it be and why?

No, never create preconceptions, never judge yourself in those terms, keep an open mind, notice rather than simply ‘see’ what’s in front of you, if you’re going to be a success, it’s about how you think, but again, if I had to pick a colour I’d probably choose a strong purple

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Mike Cooper is Bristol based photographer primarily focusing on food photography while also producing some product and lifestyle based photography. His photography consists of a strong knowledge of composition, colour and negative space. All of his work contains a clear understanding of the subject, and how it is best presented to achieve the most successful outcome whether that be in a cook book or an advert. He has a brilliant ability to capture ‘still’ subjects with a strong sense of atmosphere, character and vibrancy, bringing them to life. The combination of professionalism and knowledge of photography has enabled him to gain a vast range of clients. Such as, Dyson and Coca Cola.