Shake Bristol

Graphic design studio

Why did you decide to set Shake up? Was it an accident or did you intend for it to become as successful as it has?

So I decided to set up shake as I was kind of sick of seeing so many good & talented people not get given a chance & never given spaces at events or anything. I’ve been doing events for years before in Cornwall, so just waited it out a bit here, and then hit up loads of good artists I’d met & arranged a small fair! And as for how it’s grown and stuff, all I do is try to make it better each time & try to make it grow whilst still keeping the personality & positive vibe that it is. So whilst I have hella ideas for the future of it, it’s all quite organic really.

What would you say your highlight is within the three years that Shake has been running?

To be honest, each event is a highlight & meeting all the new people I get to each time, is a highlight too! I’m lucky. That and the magazine going down well!

Shake will continue to grow but do you have any set goals/ambitions for the future?

Events around the UK, bigger and better events & magazines also! I wanna put a big focus on the brand and get more stuff out on the webstore. As well as working on a blog & hopefully regular content that links it all together! Too much work for one man basically!

Who is your favourite illustrator/artist at the moment that you dream of participating at Shake?

That’s super tough, cause there’s too many!!

I really wanna get Stephanie Unger to come stall, to be honest!! But there’s hella artists I wanna get over from Europe right now really! My brains melting but Stephanie is a banger!

Is there any person in your network that you would recommend or someone that you collaborate with regularly?

My friends: Harry Wyld, Aidan Cook, Tilly Barker, Rachel Arfin & George Ratcliffe! I work & hang with them often and they’re great people who produce great work.

Interview by Laura Mortimer, Joe Williams and Nicole Swain


Shake is a collective that started out as purely illustration fairs in 2014 and has been developing and expanding over the last few years; now putting on exhibitions, social drawing events and creating an ongoing series of magazines – they are currently on their fourth.  At the events they like to put a big emphasis on everyone being welcome and it being as much about making friends and connections, as it is about showing and selling art.

Go behind the scenes and many different layers of Shake and you’ll end up with Max.  Max solely started this venture and now works alongside a vast network of Bristol based designers to create an inviting and inclusive community for up and coming illustrators.