Matthew Tremaine

Graphic Designer

After graduating.. what happened? did the work come quick and was life what you expected?

I actually got offered a job working in Nürnberg, Germany for Puma a few months before leaving Uni. It was an internship, designing football kits and kit typography, amongst other things. I was there for 6 months but wasn’t working with publications enough so moved to London to take a Junior role doing just that. Life is kind of what I expected, I get to design every day for a job so that’s cool, and in the evenings/weekends I’m doing my own work or helping my mates out with design projects.

When working for a client what is your methodology? approach?

I think it’s all about finding the reason for the design piece, understanding the client’s expectations and then communicating the correct message in the simplest, but well designed way possible.

What is the favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

Of course doing Shake’s are great fun, working with my mate, visualising his idea’s and working collaboratively, I get a real kick out of that.. But I don’t really have a favourite piece of work, its all about process and if the process is successful and positive then the work is good and I’ll display it.

What are your favourite typefaces?

That’s a big question. Neue Haas Unica is my favourite but I can’t afford it. But as Massimo Vignelli said there are only 5 typefaces Bodoni, Helvetica, Times Roman, Century and Futura. And I agree with that, for usability they’re all so versatile. But their are a lot of typefaces that I like. DIN and Roboto are cool, Perpetua Underlined is sexy as and Eurostile is pretty rad (used in the right way).

What is your favourite lager? Just cos lager is bloody lovely.

I love a lager but prefer ale and being Cornish through and through I love a Tribute. Although I had a New Zealand Session Pale Ale from Electric Bear in Bristol which was absolute heaven!


Matthew Tremaine is a practicing Graphic Designer who graduated from Bath University and is now living in London. He works in all area’s of design but predominantly within publication/editorial design, typography and print design. Simplicity and minimalism in his work is key. He believes good design is as little design as possible.