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Kym Grimshaw

Food Photographer

What kick-started your career in the food industry?

A love for food led me to start a food blog and it was through here and Instagram that people started to reach out for photography.

You’ve travelled to many places such as Lisbon to experience the food culture, where is somewhere you would want to go that you haven’t been to before?

Most of my travels have been within Europe, I’m really keen to experience vastly different parts of the world for the food culture alone. Vietnam, Mexico City and Japan are all high up on the list.

What is a skill you need in this industry that you wouldn’t necessarily think of at first glance?

I think a lot of people imagine I am taking photos or being creative all day everyday, not the case at all! There’s a lot of planning, admin, logistics involved which requires a lot of business sense, which no one really teaches you but you learn along the way.

Describe your design process from start to finish.

There’s no design involved but for a photography shoot, there will be lots of emails perhaps meetings before anything else. Typically I will create a mood board for a shoot and sometimes share with a client to make sure we’re heading in the right direction together. There might be prop sourcing and plans for styling depending on the brief, often a shot list is put together. Then the shooting gets to happen! After that I will spend a while in selection process and culling all the photos I don’t want to use. Then the editing happens and deliverables will be sent to the client.

How do you maintain uniqueness when creating work?

I think it takes years and years to develop a style, it’s always evolving. But I do think everyone has a unique style, only you can see the world the way you do. Uniqueness happens when you learn to shut out the noise and focus on creating the work you love to create.

Looking to the future, what would you like to achieve with your work?

I’m not one for setting goals but I hope to be still enjoying the work I do now and still improving!

Interview conducted by Morgan Cluley, Robert Bandy, and Toni Hillier


Kym Grimshaw is a Bristol based food photographer that uses only natural light in her photography to create her own style. Her work focuses a lot on creating natural tones and hues in the photographs, and evokes a homey/rustic style that invites the viewer in. Kym also keeps a food blog to chronicle her adventures; often sharing guides and tips on the best food about, whether that be local or global.