Joshua Hughes-Games


My name is Joshua Hughes-Games. My real kind of, transition into the type of design work I do now really started more in fine art.

How did you get started in the design industry?
So I was really interested in painting, the quite abstract style. So, I went and did an art foundation, I was really involved in the music industry at that time. So just through being involved with the music venues and musicians, I started kind of just creating posters and from there I¬ got super sucked into the world of design.

What is your creative process?
I think in terms of process like it really depends on who are the clients I’m working for. If there is already like an established aesthetics that we have for that label and that’s kind of really nice thing for me and sometimes… yeah whatever. I try to work with the artist as much as possible.

Who inspired you as an artist?
When I was first really into painting, it was guys like Basquiat and people like that who had this really expressive, really bold style. A lot of influences from music and from the people I am working with, taking that sort of energy from them and trying to translate that in design.

What issues do you face as an artist?
You’re constantly sort of like planning because you’re kind of like thinking right, I’ve got this job on right now but when I finish that job where’s the next it, like how can you then be inspired by your own work as well and keeping that delicate balance of it being a job and it being a thing that you love.

How do you get your textures?
I try and achieve with a lot of the projects I’ve worked on, it’s like creating some level of authentic textures rather than starting it on photoshop which is where I’m comfortable at. Rather than do that be like right, I have my source of type from like magazines and use those little bits of elements of designs that you adjusted to create something bigger.

Interview conducted by Alex Trott, Zak Keletas


Joshua Hughes-Games is a Bristol based designer who primarily focuses on analogue work. He owns ‘16Tonne’ which is an independant screen-print and risograph studio in Old Market. 16Tonne focuses on producing limited edition prints and publications for artists and musicians. He also graduated at UWE in Graphic Design about 4 years ago. Josh has said that he
loves working with his hands and enjoys the imperfections in design.