Group of Seven

Graphic Design

What is your corporate social responsibility and what is your design ethos?

‘’I don’t know… We do a fair amount of stuff for, er, for charitable stuff. So if I’ve got a choice, its probably something that goes beyond just making something pretty…’’

‘’Theres definitely stuff we’d say no to, definitely, I think if we, you know. I think If the wrong organisation came to us and we didn’t agree with, you know, It would be difficult, butI think we, we’ve kind of built a body of work around certain sectors, particularly the charity sector. I think in the past two or three years, we’ve done quite a lot of challenging stuff, so around survivors of abuse, that kind of stuff. I think because we’ve done that, I think we’ve probably picked up some more work in that sec- tor, and I think, given a choice, having like a brief, which is gonna have an impact beyond the design fraternity is the kind of stuff we’d do.’’

‘’We did some stuff for Refill Bristol, a few years back, which was tied in with Bristol Water and thats very much in keeping with who were about, so you know, ‘water efficiency’, you know, the whole idea behind reduc- ing the use of plastic and it fun, because theres innovation around all that kind of stuff and we get involved.’’

‘’Recently started working with and organisation called the furniture re-use network, which were doing a re-brand on, and thats right up our street, because its kind of erm, ethical, and its an opportunity to do something which is kind of, gonna make a difference. I mean thats the kind of stuff that we work in.’’

‘’The opportunity to innovate, you know, there, is probably greater than working for bigger organisations that are just to do with prettifying.’’

‘’I think Bristol’s a fantastic city, I only moved out, kind of, five years ago, and I think yeah, Its a brilliant place to be, it is competitive and its vi- brant’’

‘’Its definitely a good place to be creative, I think it definitely feels like a creative city.’’


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