Girly World

Punk Rock Band

Why girly world? 

Tom: Ah mate, Alex found this name, what were you watching?

Alex: [inaudible] Richie, one of the main characters got this porno mag under his bed called Girly World

Dave: A record label thought we were really sexist so we pretend it’s part of the Me Too movement

Alex: We have actually gone to a gig and people have been like ‘oh we thought you were a load of girls’ and just been bummed out

When you think of girly world it does seem quite feminine… 

Tom: It does throw you off, yeah

Josh: Instead it’s just four shite blokes

The name is quite feminine but the music isn’t…

Tom: Yeah that’s the thing, it’s kind of like an element of surprise I guess. They kind of rhyme as well… they roll of the tongue

Girly World rhymes?

Tom: Girl and Whirl… There’s something in there

Josh: See the thing is about the confusion about the girl thing is fact that we had it on facebook saying that we were a pop punk girl band from Bristol and then people were confused when… we weren’t pop punk

Dave: Or emo

Tom: No we were just emotional, we were just upset. Just pretty shite

Alex: It’s quite upsetting 

Tom: But yeah, it’s from a sitcom, that’s the short answer.

How did the band begin?

Tom: Well actually before Girly World we were called Danny, weren’t we? it was just me, Alex and Dave 

Tom: It was named after Danny Butterman from Hot Fuzz, was it not?

Dave: And my brother-in-law

Tom: Your brother-in-law is called Danny?

Dave: Yeah

Tom: Ok, it’s named after his brother-in-law. And then Josh joined, and then we thought, because we were shite, we’d change it. We realised we needed to get the worst bloke that we could find, and he just wandered into out lives and we fell in love with him and now he’s there 

What are your roles in the band?

Tom: None of us are funny

Josh: I’ve never made anybody laugh

Dave: Humps is the cute one… 

Tom: Humps the one that’s usually naked

Tom: And the rest of us… don’t really have any hair. I’m trying to grow mine back now, change it up a little bit

Josh: To find the one, wasn’t it?

Josh: Do I get anything for kicking my shoes at the girls face at that gig?

Tom: That was accidental… We had this idea that Josh would kick one shoe off at the start and one shoe off at the end. We weren’t planning on it hitting anybody in the face. It actually hit the same girl… twice… It wasn’t pretty 

Tom: It was terrible yeah, they actually asked us to play again as well

Josh: Yeah, to be fair they actually sent us an email saying that we remind them of Idles as well…

Who would you say your biggest influences are? 

Tom: Enya, Seal… I quite like punk and 90s music. My favourite bands are like the clash and stuff [inaudible] I think we all have different music tastes

Josh: I learnt to play the piano because of Coldplay

Dave: We just tried to rip off loads of bands before

Tom: Yeah we did. Found our own sound now I think… But yeah as a combination as the four of us I think we all like slightly different types of music 

Tom: Yeah, we all write together. Like, we all used to write alone and bring them together, but now we try and do it all in one room now

Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics? 

Tom: Um, one’s about eating apples, 

Josh: We don’t play that anymore. 

Is that from, like, the start of the world?

Tom: Adam and Eve, yeah, yeah, I tend to write them about… well I used to write them about girls, and now I sort of write them about how I’m just wasting my life on the weekends. Like most of it’s just about that really. 

Josh: I really liked Dave’s one about wanking in the bath. 

Dave: We’ve got a new song about giving guns to children and leaving heroin needles in the bath 

Tom: We’ve got one about a girl I used to see, who’s lovely, Laura, but I wrote a really nasty song about her cause she got on my nerves one night. But she was so sweet and she’s come to a few of my gigs and luckily you can’t actually hear me singing it because I’m so bad at singing. So she’s never actually heard the lyrics and we got away with that one. But she’s a lovely girl, shout out to Laura.

One thing is I’ve only heard 3 songs of you guys online?

Tom: Oh there’s not many, we haven’t got round to recording, and we haven’t really settled on our sound…

Josh: We really like doing this thing where we really like a song, and we record it and release it and then just never play it ever again

Dave: We record it listen to it like 1000 times and be like thats shit

Tom: Once we can hear it back we realise that it’s rubbish, so the best thing we can do is just not record any music and we don’t realise how shit we sound 

Dave: And then you never really have to write lyrics either, you can just sort of mumble them live and then people don’t have to hear about your feelings. You get away with it that way

Tom: So it’s all sort of to avoid the horrible truth that we’re not very good

How do you decide when a song is finished ? 

Josh : When Dave has the lyrics for it. 

Tom: When it’s finished? Ugh, Hump has claimed many times that he’s never played the same thing twice.

Alex: No I can’t do it

Tom:  So it’s actually never finished. It’s all a working progress, a WIP

Alex: It’s easy a band practice because you nod at me when the song ends, but I forget when your facing the other way. 

Tom:  It ends when I nod at Hump. 

Dave:  If we ever recorded them, that would be it.

Dave: We wrote a song the other day, played it for an hour played, then played some of our other songs, and then played it again, and Josh was like ‘I’ve never heard that in my life’. 

Tom: Literally as well, 

Tom: We were like ‘what?’, we played it for an hour and a half mate and yeh, he didn’t have a clue. 

Tom: Tried to play a little bit to him, and he was just shaking his head in the corner at band practice, he didn’t have a clue.

How do you psych yourself up for a gig ? 

Tom: Those three get drunk.

Alex: I’m usually very drunk, because I’m nervous around people. 

Josh: That’s why he’s not really said anything for half an hour. 

Alex: Yeh, and we only got halfway through as well. 

Josh: I like to talk about mothers ruin to be fair, as a way to psych ourselves up, where hump got so bollocksed he punched a glass and cut his hand 

Alex: And I don’t remember it. 

Dave: I’ve got a picture of it actually,

Alex: I played at least two of them songs completely wrong. 

Tom: I just like to break like one piece of my equipment before we start, not by accident, just as long as somethings breaks, either my guitar will break, or my amp will break, sorry mate my amps broken, settles me down.

Josh: On Saturday, one of my strings broke I accidentally stood on my own guitar, like 8 times I think. 

Alex: I broke the house kit, 

Tom: Oh yeh he broke the house kit on Saturday. Have you got no drumsticks left? 

Alex: No i need to order some. 

Josh: So yeh, that was how we psych ourselves up for our gig. 

Tom: Yeh, something like that takes your mind off whats actually going on.

Josh: We like the mothers ruin though, we like playing in there, playing there again on the 2nd, I’m very excited. 

Dave: I’m very surprised they’re letting us back.

Tom: Yeh 2nd of November, yeh should be good.  The guy, what’s the guy that runs the sound, does the sound in there? Mick? Yeh, he’s a lovely fellow. 

Dave: He fixes all our stuff when it breaks

Tom: He fixed my guitar, and then I got to band practice and it was still broken. Cheers Mick! He’s really nice. Nah he’s a lovely man, he did his best, it is actually fixed I think, I’m just stupid. 

Do you make the kind of music you listen to? Do you ever listen to your own stuff casually? 

Tom: I try not to no, um, I listen back to the recordings of our band practice, so I can remember the songs, but again, anything we’ve recorded we have immediately hated it

Josh: I listened to ‘what would my mother do’ for about 300 times but that was because I was mixing it, and then after its just fucking shite, 

Tom: Do we get sick of it? Yeh, yeh

Dave: Are we playing any songs that we played on our first gig like 6/7 months ago? 

Tom: No, don’t think so. I like out set at the moment, it takes a long time to settle on a sound for the band, so now, like I’m actually enjoying it 

Dave: We’ve only really been a band like 6/7 months.

Tom: Yeh, so were still like finding ourselves, but every time we record something we’ve like moved on to a new thing, we’ve realised now its pointless actually recording our music. It’s a real journey man, 

Alex: Still on the journey 

Tom: The ends in sight, yeh i think its pointless recording our music until we’re settled on our sound, we have tried and its gone horribly wrong.

Josh: It’s all just gone so quickly 

Tom: It’s because we tried to do it in Josh’s garage that’s why, and it’s about the size of my foot. It’s just a garage, yeh. It was nice and warm in there though, I liked it  

Dave: Definitely does

Tom: Our main thoughts when we’re playing, and I think that’s where we thrive the most,

Josh: I know its been discussed, but thats why we don’t have anything online, when we record it, we hate it. 

How many times do you record something before you settle on it?

Josh: What happens is we record it, everyone else goes home and I listen to it 500 times, like it and everyone else says they hate it and then we drop it. 

Alex: Yeh that’s exactly what happens

Josh: And then it gets really sad

Tom: Yeh, because he spends a lot of man hours just for no reason what so ever

Josh: Literally 50 hours, listening to a song and mixing it, and then everyone says they hate it

Tom: Yeh, but it matters, like the audience reception 

Josh: Yeh, to be fair, on Saturday we had the same

Tom: Yeh, we’ve dropped a song because the audience were like enjoying most of our set on Saturday but then there was a particular song, that they didn’t seem to get, we’ve gaged there’s songs that people don’t like so much that we then drop.  

Tom: So it does matter, it’s the one about Laura so I’m quite glad we dropped it 

Josh: Yeh, ever since we wrote that, you said you hated it

Tom: Yeh, I didn’t like it from the start, so I’m pretty chuffed to be honest.The audience have finally caught onto my wavelength 

Dave: They can tell in your face you don’t like it 

Tom: But yeh it definitely matters, how they go live 

Alex: Trial and error, yeh.

Tom: Sometimes we just fall into them and play like a whole song without even putting a lot of effort into it and those one feel really natural, and they’re always the better tracks I think, sometimes we’ll try really hard on a song and they’re probably the less natural sounding ones.

Does that experience influence your creative process? 

Tom: Yeh definitely,

Alex: Yeh 

Tom: Definitely, like gaging how people feel about stuff makes go back to band practice and try 

Dave: Like getting a new guitar peddle, I changed my bass string for the first time ever, my bass like sounds good for the first time ever 

Josh: Yeh because Hump actually mentioned that, he never changed it. It did make a big difference to the sound 

Dave: It’s even, simple things like that, which is my old band name

Tom: The simple things, I only just realised I can see my work from here.

Josh: Oh yeh, Hump and Tom work over there.

I thought it was gonna be you guys playing up there.

Tom: That’s actually the HSBC banking group.

Dave: That is girly world HQ

Tom: Yeh we play in there, that is our head quarters, yeh. We’re a bank. not a band

Josh: We do all actually work in a bank. Or well Dave did

Dave: I did yeh

Josh: The only ironic thing is, we all have no money, none

Tom: Haha yeh, as a bank, we’re worlds worst bank 

Josh: I’m actually in loads of debt 

Tom: That’s the world’s local bank, we’re the world’s worst bank. Which is quite good 

If you can tell the people reading this anything, what would it be? 

Josh: Um, stay no where near us, don’t listen to anything we do

Tom: Don’t say that,  I just ask them if they regret reading it and hope that they say yes , for their own sake

Dave: I’d say listen to some of our music online but there isn’t any

Tom: Just lead them on a wild goose chase ‘go listen to us online’ its somewhere out there.

Alex: Invest in stocks and shares, 

Tom: Get into oil. Drop out of school and get into oil, don’t go to uni, don’t be in a band, eat healthier and 

Dave: Stop drinking 

Tom: Stop smoking 

Dave: Go for a run every now and then when it’s nice and dry because you don’t wanna slip 

Tom: Do still come and see us though, it’ll make it a whole lot more confusing 

Josh: And do like us on facebook, because thats where we’re lacking likes 

Tom: Follow us on instagram

Dave: Yeh like for a rate 

Tom: You can win, you actually can win a signed girly world roll up by following us, a signed roll up, not just a roll up,

Josh: I’d also say if someone wants to send in a dick pick i will happily humiliate it for £5 

Interview conducted by: Samuel Boik, Rebecca Coleman, Lucy Cubitt


Girly world a Bristol based band, made of four lads who met working at HSBC bank “Girly World HQ”. They are now currently working on there band and trying to get themselves out there by playing all around England from Bristol – London – Cardiff. They are very friendly Tom, Alex, Dave and Josh who are best friends. There genre of music influenced very much by the 90s rock scene. They are not very well known and get mistaken to be a girl band but really they are for guys about to rock out for you instead.