Gail Jenkins


‘3 days across the drake’s passage from Argentina to the peninsular of the Antarctic. To be out in the open ocean with no land for a fair distance is just a wonderful feeling.

Inspirations really are line and form, light. The light is beautiful in Antarctica. It’s got an emotional feeling for me, but I feel when I turn the camera on and press record I’m trying to take back that emotion I feel or felt when I first saw the scene. I want to refer that back to you as the viewer.

It’s almost like I know my DNA is there because I breathed it out so I know it’s in my bones, but I also breathed it in. There is no where else, like that. I’ve only spent a month there, but I will basically spend the rest of my life trying to get back there.

Subject matter kind of remains the same, people and animals. I’ve worked with gorillas and gorillas have humour, and that’s weird to see that in an animal, you’re like you seem to be having a bit of a laugh with your other creature. You see characters, obviously they can’t talk and you can’t tell them to do something, an animal will just do its own thing.

You need to rely on each other, you need to work as a team. To be with people that you don’t like or they don’t like you or you just don’t work well together can be painful. When it’s a good team and you’re all working well together, beautiful.

I’d love to see more women in the business. It is slower just due to it being a mans world, but I don’t think it needs to be that way, it’s just sometimes companies can be a little bit old fashioned in their way. And changing that dynamic is sometimes like turning a tanker, its going to take a long time. I would like to encourage young girls to see it as a career path because It is.

My name is Gail Jenkinson, I’m a camerawoman working in Natural history, documentary and adventure filming.’


Gail Jenkinson is a camerawomen who has filmed around the world, in fact fortunate enough to say in all seven continents. From the ever awe inspiring tabular icebergs that float in Antarctic waters to the dense mountains of Rwanda. She is a qualified HSE part 4 underwater diver, also highly experienced in shooting topside aboard sea fairing vessels ranging from the high techAlucia ship in the open ocean to small catamaran’s bobbing upon the Severn Bore. A skilled MoVi and crane operator she also works together with octocopter pilots as a gimbal operator using heavy lift drones to create smooth epic aerial shots.

Recent work includes sequences for the BBC NHU on Blue Planet II, SkyWorld, and Earth Wildest Waters. Commercials and drama for Discovery and Sky Vision. Underwater sequences for Icon’s River Monsters and Blue Ants Secret Life of Arabia.