Dark Moon


When did you first start DJ’ing and when did you become ‘Dark Moon’? How did you come up with the name?

So I first started when I was about 16 I bought my first pair of decks off my friend for ten pounds and I just got comfortable with them first and then just gradually got higher grade equipment and just worked my way up basically. In terms of Dark Moon we formed last July, it was actually at a festival and we were all pretty drunk and we’d all just met each other properly we thought because we are all living in Bristol we thought it would be quite fun to do something together basically and that’s how it started.

What’s it like representing a group when you originally started off as an independent DJ? Do you miss playing just as ‘Monners’?

I miss it at times because it’s a lot more, you get a lot more involved when its just you by yourself but also when you are doing it in a group it’s a lot, there’s a lot more energy because you’re all kind of hyping each other and so yeah its basically, I like it the same because there’s pros and cons to both.

How has moving to Bristol and being at uni changed your music career, how has it progressed?

It’s a lot easier here because there’s a lot more opportunities because there just nights every single… there’s an opportunity every day of the week basically here where as back home there’s maybe once a month something that we can get involved with so yeah it progressed a lot faster moving here for sure.

What has been your greatest memory/ achievement in your DJ’ing career? For example, have you met your biggest inspiration? Where’s the best club you have played at?

Erm probably one of the best moments was a few weeks ago, well yeah about a month ago at… we got the chance to play at main room motion like a prime time slot and it was yeah definitely the biggest set we have played and in terms of the biggest inspiration would be meeting Chris Lorenzo a few times because he is the reason that I actually started playing in the first place.

What was your worst experience DJ’ing, what have you learnt from that?

Worst experience would be when I was at a party and I’d never properly played out to people and I only had played on these tiny little decks that I had brought and it was nothing compared to the equipment that I was on and I didn’t really know what I was doing but I still tried and ended getting pushed off… but then I learnt from that in a way that I knew when I was ready to actually perform properly.

What would you like to achieve in the next few years career and lifestyle wise? Do you still see yourself in Bristol?

Errrr yeah I do still definitely still see myself in Bristol because that’s where all the opportunities are at but I want to spend sometime in London as well for sure.

Interviewed by Lauren Hilton, Abby Ward and Tiyahna Onagoruwa-Drake


Dark Moon is a group of Bristol based students who are just celebrating their first year anniversary. The music they play includes garage, grime and mainly bassline. The group has a mixture of MCs and DJs who play regularly at venues around Bristol, they also host their own events which are becoming much more popular amongst the Bristol music scene. These venues include, Motion, Lakota, Blue Mountain. Joe Moignard is one quarter of the group and occasionally plays solo as ‘Monners’, he has also played at many of these venues.

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