Caspar Wain


Do you have a set recipe for forming new ideas, or is the design process natural to you?
I suppose I do a lot of research and a lot of drawing, like, around the idea. I don’t think I have a set recipe. I sup.. I al… I always use similar characters I think, I think all of my work sits within the same world so…

How important do you think it is to have an online presence in the design community? Do you think that it’s better to gain clients through word of mouth?
Personally I, I have had more, more work come through online presence. A lot of social media. The first job I got was through social media. Like searching illustration or illustrators, one of the posts that came up was ‘looking for illustrators’ and it was posted like two or three minutes ago, and I just sent them an email, they just sent me an email straight back so I must have been the first person, and I just got the job.

Do you have any advice for young creatives trying to make a name for themselves?
Get in contact with people you want to work for, even if it seems like a ridiculous dream, if you can find a way to speak to someone that works there like in the art department, it’s always worthwhile. Like, Like I sent an email to The New York Times when I first left university. They must have kept my name on file somewhere because you know like three years later they’ve, they’ve given me a job.

Is there anyone you could recommend that we can connect with in your network?
Being part of the AOI is a, is definitely a good idea, urgh, that’s the Association of Illustrators. You should join them. Basically it’s like just loads of emails and addresses so you can send stuff out. Sometimes you have to do some shit work. It’ll, it’ll all work out. If you can earn some money, then money is time and time means you can make something good



Originally from Nottingham, UWE graduate Caspar Wain is a Bristol based Graphic Designer and illustrator, predominantly recognised for his intricate animations and vibrant illustrations. Graduating from the course in 2016, he has gone on to produce work for the New York Times, as well as developing his animation skills at Studio Hovey (who produce the artwork for the Great British Bake Off) based in Bristol. He has also complete work for the likes of Houstonia, DICTA and Pit magazines, showcasing his success in his freelance work as well. His unique animations are what drove our video based around him, inspiring us to create our own version to animate his speech as well. Caspar appealed to the three of us due to his prominent artistic style and our joint interest in the illustration world, and being in his late 20s, we see his success as something to aim for as well.