Carol Bicudo

Social Media Manager

So, question number one in a few words tell us what it is you do?

So, right now I’m social media manager for Smashbox, but I am also one of the pro artists. So, basically every single content that goes live organically or paid media goes through me. So, I edit the videos, produce the photos, I produced the layouts and I organised the content calendar. I organise primarily the Instagram, but I also manage the Facebook and the Twitter account. And when there are events or stuff like that I also support as an artist.

Now second question how would your friends describe you?

AHH that’s a funny question and also some people describe me as bubbly, but some of my friends describe me as I don’t know strong some people think I’m super strong. Some people think I’m very good at building relationships so I’m very good at        putting all my friends together. Yeah all technically I’m very good at giving advice so some of them say that as well like the group therapist.

Question number three who is somebody you really admire and why?  

My mom actually [laughter]. I think my mom is someone that she never stopped growing so she never stops to like to self-analyse and think about her actions and trying to make like her whole life better and trying to become a better person. But when I think about the industry and makeup, I really admire Alex Box and the way that she was able to shift and change it within the makeup industry and adapt her work to what she really believes in. So, from the time that she was in “Alaska” to the performances that she’s been doing nowadays integrating art with the makeup I think it’s quite impressive.

Then a question is, describe how you got to where you are today? 

Wuh, it’s been a long journey. Well I started working in Smashbox when I first moved from Brazil to London. I think I’ve been in the industry since 2007 and its oh my god yeah that’s a long time. So, it’s funny because when I look at the how do you get to where you are, I think all of our path it has a party in to where you are but if I just think about Smashbox in the journey I moved to the country and is everything about building connections. So, I knew someone through a friend and this person his name is David Horner he owns a school called “House of Glam Dolls” and he’s like this makeup guru he’s been like in the industry for god knows how long. Ge was one of the first pro artists in MAC. He was a product developer for La Maska, So, he’s got like a really big journey and he introduced me to the one of the area managers in Smashbox.

So, I started as assistant manager in a pop-up, then I was invited to manage and open the free semi store which is the studio. And then I think after one year in the studio I was invited for trial as a resident trainer for the opening of the freestanding stores. So, I was in that trial for six months and the position actually wasn’t approved by the corporation. But then like things change and then one of the trainers left so I applied for the position and I ended up instead of becoming a resident trainer I became a trainer. So, for little over a year- no I think was two years I was the London and South the trainer for Smashbox. And then because education has started to integrate more of a digital part in how we deliver education because obviously it’s very time consuming, they’re traveling so how are you able to deliver a high-touch service to everyone. So, because of this very digital part. I started learning on photography. I started learning on how to edit videos and how to produce content for education and because of that the marketing manager for Smashbox she invited me to apply for the social media role and that’s how I am here.

So, then next question number five what is your proudest accomplishment? 

I think I collect a couple that I’m quite happy that I achieved from I think it’s funny because I think when it comes to accomplishments, I think it’s challenging ourselves to be happy with the small things that were able to do on a daily basis? But there was one makeup I’ve done in my career that I do I always remember the whole day. And we have an actress called “Fena the Montenegro” in Brazil and she is one of our greatest actresses, one of her films was given an Oscar nominee and it’s called “Central du Brazil”. She is like a very known in the country and she’s this amazing performer and I got to do her makeup one day. And it was just she’s one of those people that when she walks in the room, I think everyone’s like just go silent. And it was an amazing experience because not only I got to do her makeup on that day, but I got to learn from her on how to do her makeup. I think she’s about now she’s potentially 80 or 90 I’m not sure. I would have to look up her age. But she was teaching me where to position because she comes from a theater background as well, so she was even in that situation. She was teaching me where to apply shadow, were to apply light and this was a few years back. So, yeah, I think I’m always going to cherish that moment.

Question six, is there anything you would have done differently if you were to start your career again? 

I think no actually. It’s funny because sometimes we always think about what you would do differently, but you wouldn’t be the person you are today if you would have done something differently. It would be a different path. So, no I don’t think I would have done anything differently, no.

Next question is how often do you spend on social media in a day? 

Well, I work on it now right. So, my day job I have to spend my day. So, I look at the reports and I’m on the screen time I spend an average of four to five hours on the phone a day. But if I think about my own personal life I still like because a lot of my closest friends are still living in Brazil, so I do use social media a lot for that. And if you consider all the aspects of it, I’m always researching things on Pinterest. So, yeah, I think I do spend a lot of time, but I want to go with the five hours considering that’s a mix maybe six hours a day then. Let’s go for five.

So, question number eight, in terms of what the general social media audience are there any major differences between a British artist and a Brazilian one? 

Oh god yeah Brazil takes everything very seriously. Everything in Brazil just goes big. We even have a saying that Brazilians own the internet [laughs]. But I think the way that Brazil uses Internet it comes with that kind of like creativity. Everything becomes a meme. Everything is a source of a meme. Even when we’re talking about serious things and talk about politics it becomes it’s a way that we handle things and kind of a joke. But I think that’s the biggest difference and obviously I think the number of users of social media in Brazil is higher than, but obviously the population is bigger, so I don’t know. But definitely the amount of people. Even like yeah because I’m thinking now even like it doesn’t matter how old you are nowadays it’s quite common for like parents and grandparents to be using social media yes. I think maybe it’s a bigger thing I’m not sure.

If you could leave anywhere where would it be and why? 

Well for now it’s London. I think they’re moving here from Rio it was yeah it just says that if I could you that’s what I chose to live. But if it’s a hypothetical situation if I could I would live in two places or three at the same time. I probably would live between in Rio, New York and London because I think Rio is still where my heart is between friends, families and that homely neighborhood and that sense of looking at the end of the road to knowing where you grew up there is the history behind it. London has become obviously my home now and I think London has it’s that sense that we’re in London you are allowed to be who you are. And I think in New York it would be because it’s still a big city it’s quite similar in some aspects to London but it gets more sun it has a proper summer. So, I think yeah it would be those three cities.

Is there anything about the industry you’re in that you would change? 

Yeah, I think definitely, and I think I’m seeing that change happening. I think when we talk about makeup industry, I always talk about this. Every time I’m going to do someone’s makeup the first thing most women say to me is, I’m sorry that’s the first thing they say. And they start saying that they apologize for the skin, they apologize for their under eyes, they apologize for the hair and they apologize for so many things. And I think when you look at the mainstream and you look at the main vehicles and where the speech is, we’re still telling women what they should and shouldn’t do, what they should and shouldn’t look like. And if there is anything that I would change it would be giving more power to the voices that are rising to allow women to be who they are and not to fit in a box of what cultural society expects or a woman to look like or to behave like. So, definitely I think if I could change anything it would being more powerful and a more- what’s the word I’m looking for a more welcoming environment so that women are free to be happy in their own skin.

So, then question number 11, if you could choose to do anything for the day what would it would be? 

Huh I don’t know. These questions are making me think that the if position I think I’m in a moment in my life, no I think ever since the late teenage years- ever since I decided to drop out of law school and decided to do my design- Industrial Design University and then following the path of makeup, I think ever since that moment in my life the if’s they don’t exist and or everything that I do want to do in my life I just moved myself towards doing it. So, I think if I could do anything, I would be right now I’m dying my hair yellow neon so that’s what I chose to do today [laugh].

What is something you intend to do today but you didn’t and why not? 

I don’t know I’m trying to remember. I don’t I don’t think I had any other intentions of doing anything. Oh my god yeah, I was supposed to go to the post office but it I’m seeing that it’s 3PM And I’m not sure it’s going to close because dye my hair is taking longer than I expected. So, let’s cross my fingers that I’m still able to go there because I need to exchange money for travelling.

Are you a procrastinator? 

I don’t believe in that. NO, I don’t even believe there is such a thing as a procrastination? No, I used to, and I used to consider myself a huge procrastinator when I was younger, and I think I used to think that you- and I used to still feel guilty about it. And I think I shifted quite a while a go into understanding that. I think we need to be more flexible and more caring about ourselves so if you do want to have a day that you want to chill, and you want to watch you like want to binge on a Netflix show or you just want to relax and not do anything and just watch I don’t know random videos on YouTube. I think we should allow ourselves to do that. I do believe the creativity and it’s almost- what is the word in English for head? Because everyone I saw a quote once that “Your worth is not determined by your productivity.” And I think this is something that is difficult to think about and it’s difficult to implement in today’s society, but I think that’s very important to always remember. So, how is your time spend more focus on what is pleasing rather than productive. And I do believe that creativity something that comes out on the moments where you are more pleased with what you’re doing. So, sometimes you’re not you’re taking the time you need because when you are focused, you’re going to have pleasure into doing what you’re doing. So, I don’t believe that that’s procrastination I think it’s leaving things to the right moment to get them done.

And what do you do when you’re not working? 

I’m going to contradict myself here because I think that fight and it’s also, I also have to repeat myself and off worth your productivity. It’s just because I’m always thinking of things that I can do, and I can learn. So, every time I’m not working, I’m kind of still working because I’m always looking for like different here different makeup. I’m always doing a different online course. I had like these digital platforms and I’m always doing different course and now I’m learning photography and then the other day I was learning how to build pinholes that’s. So, I think when I’m not working, I’m always doing something and so I try not to get that like in the way of also relaxing my brain. So, I’m trying to do more meditation in order to be able to relax my brain and not think that the whole time I have to be producing something. But I think it’s a mix between crafts, drawing or reading or doing an online course or learning something new yeah or seeing my friends. I live with two friends and I have friends and I’m quite sociable so I’m when not working I’m trying to see them as well.

When something is funny do you usually laugh recklessly? (Okay never heard that word in my life.) Hiss, snort, chuckle quietly to yourself or a smile and nudge to the person next to.  

Oh, I definitely do like the first options altogether. I am going to laugh really loud and I am definitely going to be that person in the office that someone can hear the laugh through the lift. And everyone always talks about my laugh. So, I think people can tell it’s me laughing. So, people say they get contagious by my laughter but at the same time they probably don’t want to go watch a comedy film with me in the cinema because it’s definitely going to be super loud.

Okay I think these were all the questions. I hope this was helpful and drop me a message if you need anything else okay. See you later.