Tom Chapman


I understand that Djaying isn’t all you do, can you tell me bit about how you got into it and how long you’ve been doing it for?

Sure, Ive been Djing for just over 5 years and playing out for about 4.

The main reason I got into it was a desire to share the music I was passionate about with other people. Every time I was at a house party it always seemed to end up with me being in control of what was playing so I guess learning how to DJ was just a natural progression from that really.

Was there was anything or anyone who influenced you to get involved in to the music scene?

Aside from all of my main inspirations artist wise – Dusky, James Grant, Jody Wisternoff, Yotto and Joris Voorn to name a few, it has to be my girlfriend Romy. It was her that encouraged me to buy my first set of decks, and she’s supported me with it ever since – so big thanks to her for this!

Your event Algorhythm has made a pretty strong staple for itself over the years as being the place to be when it’s on at The Rockpool in Hayle where you host it. I’ve been to a couple now and actually played at the last one myself which was mad fun, can you tell me bit about how you began that, and what the response was like to the first one you did?

Yer sure – I started Algorhythm as an event that focussed purely on high quality underground house and techno through a high quality sound system, and when I ran the first event in June 2017 it was more of an experiment than anything else. 7 events later I’ve been blown away by the positive response and can’t wait to build on that momentum going into 2019.

Was your event the first time you had properly got to play in front of a crowd before? Can you tell me about the first time you DJayed? Where was it and how did you get it?

The first time that I played live was at the Hub St Ives in summer 2014. There was probably only about 100 people there but I remember being so nervous! However after making the first few transitions, I remember all of the nerves going away and not wanting the night to end – from that point I’d say I’ve been pretty much hooked on the DJing – especially playing to a crowd thats passionate about music.

Do you think there’s a lack of music culture in Cornwall?

Definitely. I think the main problem is the lack of venues – Ive been lucky with Algorhythm to have the Rockpool onside to host my nights, but locally, aside from the Rockpool there is unfortunately a serious shortage of venues – especially those that are happy to stay open into the early hours of the morning.

Music wise I’d say that in my experience people are generally nowhere near as educated / aware of underground house and techno in Cornwall as they are in major cities such as London and Bristol etc – especially the deeper sounds that I like to play at my nights. This said though – I was amazed by the support and reaction that people gave to Gallago when he came down and played in June. Gallago (who plays at the Printworks London in december) is an up and coming artist signed to Anjunadeep, who plays deep emotive house and techno, and I’ll never forget that night – people went absolutely wild and the atmosphere throughout his entire 2 hour set was electric. It just goes to show that if you introduce people to high quality artists and they blow the roof off then people will buy into it and respond positively – even if they didn’t know about the artist before.

Have you travelled at all with your music? Is there anywhere you’d want to go with it?

The furthest afield I’ve travelled to play from the SW so far is London, but I regularly head over to Amsterdam to attend Electronic music events there as a partgoer. People from Holland are just so passionate about dance music, and its always so refreshing to feel the energy on the dance floors over there.

Is there anything you’ve got planned for the future in relation to your music? Any more events planned?

About 12 months ago I completed a BTEC in Electronic Music Production at DBS music and since then have spent lots of time working on my own music. I still haven’t quite found a sound I’m happy with yet, but the plan is to get some music out there as soon as it happens to test the reaction.

Event wise, Algorhythm is going to have a winter break but it will be back in the spring of 2019. The plan is to continue the momentum from 2018 and to bring more underground house and techno artists to Cornwall, so watch this space!

Interviewed by Oliver Peatling


Tom Chapman is a Professional DJ from Hayle, Cornwall. He has been DJing professionally for five years and playing to crowds for four, he is mostly known for his event ‘Algorhythm’ which hosts nights of underground progressive house and techno at the The Rockpool in Godrevy. Whilst he is not DJing he acts as a support worker for underprivileged children and also enjoys surfing and producing his own music which he is thinking of releasing sometime in the future.